Strategic Plan

During the last 20 years, agriculture in Bolivia has undergone significant transformations. In the eastern part of the country, the agribusiness model has been consolidated whereas in the western part family farming remains stagnant with no significant improvements.

TIERRA promotes equitable access to land and territory for the indigenous and peasant women and men. It seeks to foster both a sustainable use of natural resources and people´s agency in defending their resource rights.

In the mid-term, the institution aspires to become one of the main sources of knowledge and information for social organizations, decision makers, and public opinion in general when it comes to debates and proposals regarding land and rural issues in Bolivia.

We also aim to improve the current conditions regulating access to land for indigenous and peasant communities by securing a proper exercise of women and men rights through means of dialog and understanding.

Furthermore, TIERRA aims to deepen “knowledge and national debate regarding the usage of land and natural resources, the current production models, the conflicts around resource rights, and the appropriate solutions for an efficient and sustainable use of land, water and forests from a research-action perspective”.

Finally, this programme includes support for the construction and consolidation of indigenous autonomies and institutions in order to guarantee their self-determination as stated in the Bolivian Constitution.